Banwood is a long-time admirer of the iconic House of Rispal. Both, Banwood and Rispal, have brought their take of a modern design to the outside world, Rispal with its focus on the core of creating lighting designs from The Golden Age of French furniture and Banwood with establishing kid’s products in timeless designs and encouraging an active lifestyle. This collection is an homage of the 20th century French design to today’s children. The creation has been carefully done by the interior designer Douglas Mont and brought Banwood into the world of the House of Rispal.

Douglas wanted to create a retro-design with elements from the 50s and 60s and a personal touch. The result is characterised by an extravagant design made of an exclusive selection of materials.

The design of the frame is inspired by Streamline Moderne and characterised by curved structures and horizontal lines which represent the impression of movement and speed.
The choice of wheels is based on Douglas personal connection to Clermont Ferrand, the city of Michelin, where he grew up. The Michelin tires give the bike the little extra personal touch and provide a secure ride.

Seat: Handmade of genuine natural leather for maximum a comfort, durability and support.
Handlebar height: 50-53 cm
Saddle height: 38-45 cm
Bike weight: 4.5 kg
Suggested age range 2.5 - 5 Years